Bad breath

Getting to grips with an issue that can destroy self-confidence

Lots of people worry about bad breath, or halitosis, as it’s sometimes known. It’s a persistent problem that affects as many as one in four of us at some point in our lives.

Even if we haven’t consciously suffered from bad breath ourselves, we all know how embarrassing – and frankly, unpleasant – it can be to work or socialise with someone who has halitosis. And this can make us worry all the more that we may suffer from the same problem without realising it ourselves.

The fact is, that it can be very hard to tell whether you have a bad breath problem unless another person tells you about it – and even close friends and family may be reluctant to do this. One way of ‘testing yourself’ is to lick the back of your hand with your tongue and then allow it to dry for 10 seconds or so, before sniffing to see if you can detect any unpleasant odour. But this could hardly be thought of as a scientific test!

What causes bad breath?

There can be a number of causes behind the problem of persistent bad breath. As well as dental health issues, these include tonsil ‘stones’, smoking, certain medical problems and a number of prescription medications. We’ve treated many patients who have trouble shaking off the problem despite brushing their teeth much more frequently than twice a day, and spending money on commercial treatments which sometimes seem to have little or no effect. Don’t worry, we can help!

You can trust the team at Larne Dental Centre to help you identify and eliminate any bad breath problems. We draw on your full medical and dental history to help find the cause, provide treatment and help you decide on any home remedies which may work for you.

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