Ceramic crowns & bridges

Affordable, long-lasting and reliable tooth replacement solutions

Crowns and bridges are a dependable and aesthetically-pleasing way to make damaged teeth look good and fill gaps created by tooth loss. These tried-and-trusted dental treatments don’t just improve smiles, they also offer good functionality. Generations of patients have found that crowns or bridges can make their teeth perform properly again without the need for partial dentures.

Crowns and bridges… what they are and how they work

  • Made of porcelain, a crown is a cap which your dentist fits over a damaged tooth to restore its function and appearance.
  • As the name suggests, bridges replace a missing tooth by bridging the gap between the adjacent teeth. Supported by your own teeth, they consist of a false tooth (or teeth) which are fused to crowns fixed to either side of the gap.

When there isn’t enough tooth left a crown can cover and support a tooth with a large filling, and can be used to attach a bridge or protect a weak tooth from breaking. For teeth that are discoloured or badly shaped it provides an excellent discreet solution, or it can help when teeth can become brittle after root canal treatment.

How we fit crowns and bridges

Here at our Larne practice, we regularly fit crowns to build up teeth which have been heavily filled, weakened by decay, chipped or broken. Available in a wide variety of shapes and shades, your crowns will always be bespoke-made to suit your individual needs. The process begins with accurate measurement. It’s crucial that the crown or bridge will fit snugly over the remaining tooth structure and blend in with your smile. As well as getting the measurement right, this means preparing a crown which will match the tone of your teeth, so it sits easily amongst them and looks natural.

When it’s time to fit the crown, your tooth will be gently prepared so its remaining structure provides a strong base onto which the crown is then bonded.

To fit a bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are carefully shaped, and an impression is taken. When the technician constructs the bridge they also make the extra tooth, which is held between the two crowns. When the bridge is ready, you return to us so that your dentist can cement the whole piece into place.

A choice of materials to suit your needs and budget

We can supply and fit crowns made from a variety of materials – the quality of which has improved greatly in recent years. These include highly durable porcelain, combinations of metal and ceramic, or a high gold alloy alone. We’ll talk through your options with you before we start work, so you can be sure you will be completely happy with your choice.

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