LDC Care Plan

Making treatment more accessible with membership schemes and finance

We’re confident that our fees represent genuine value for the high quality treatment we provide, but understand that you may want to split the cost of some procedures. With this in mind, we offer 0% finance available through our LDC Care Plan.

Why LDC Complete Care Plan can make sense:

  • You can have the treatment when you need it – putting off dentistry may result in further expense or more extensive treatment later.
  • Interest-free options can be a much more affordable alternative to credit cards or bank loans.
  • Regular access to an effective hygienist who will keep your gums healthy.
  • Access to laboratories and materials not available through NHS.
  • The latest techniques used for treatment.
  • More emphasis on prevention leading to fewer fillings.
  • Extended opening hours so you can see us at a more convenient time.
  • Discounts on cosmetic treatments.
  • Guaranteed emergency appointments during Practice opening hours.
  • Worldwide Dental trauma and Emergency callout insurance.
  • It’s easy to set up repayments by Direct Debit.
  • All Finance options are provided by leading credit suppliers and are subject to status.
  • Easy application process.

Fees range from: A = £15.85, E = £43.63
(* lab bills and referrals to external Specialists would be charged extra)

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