Nervous patients

Putting even the most anxious patients at their ease

We’re widely known to be a friendly, welcoming practice with a talent for putting people at their ease. But when it comes to patients who are more anxious than average, this ability really comes into its own.

For some people, all it takes to become anxious is the thought of a visit to the dentist. Jillian and her team have a particular interest in helping even the most nervous patients to overcome their fears so they can benefit from good dental health. We’ve helped thousands of nervous patients to feel able to take on dental treatment with a much higher level of confidence and even relaxation.

How our understanding approach makes all the difference

We listen to your concerns with respect and move at a pace that suits you. We can progress from small treatments to larger ones quite gradually, and with the utmost concern for your comfort and relaxation. Lots of patients have managed to come to terms with their nervousness as a result of our caring attitude, and have now received treatment which they thought they could never have undertaken with any degree of confidence.

Helping you to feel relaxed

Of course some patients will feel that they need a little extra help to feel confident and relaxed about their treatment. We have gas and air for just this purpose. If you feel that you would need the additional reassurance which this option can bring, just have a word with our dentist. You’ll always be welcome to talk through your choices with an experienced staff member before you even start to think about commencing treatment.

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