Porcelain veneers

An attractive new look for stained, chipped or badly positioned teeth

All too often, people put up with the appearance of chipped or discoloured teeth because they imagine the treatment might be unduly expensive, or would involve a lot of drilling and shaping.

In fact, the appearance of chipped, stained or even crooked teeth can be dramatically improved simply by fitting dental veneers, a minimally invasive process which is akin to applying a false nail to a tooth!

Porcelain veneers – how the treatment works

After taking impressions to ensure a perfect fit, your Larne Dental Centre dentist will bond a porcelain veneer – a slim sheet of porcelain – onto the front surface of the tooth to be treated. This means that very little of the underlying tooth material needs to be removed. So, after just one or two appointments, you’ll be left with natural-looking teeth.

The almost-immediate improvement in appearance which veneers produce can transform your entire smile and we will always help guide you to the most suitable options for your budget and expectations.

Not just for discoloured teeth

It’s a common misconception that the only issue which can be addressed by fitting porcelain veneers is that of staining or discolouration. In fact, veneers s can be used to close small gaps when braces are not suitable, bring a tooth nto line with the others, improve tooth shape, cover chips and blemishes and cover up signs of wear and tear. Few dental treatments can achieve so much through such a simple process.

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