ClearSmile braces

Fast, unobtrusive treatment with ClearSmile braces

The ClearSmile Brace system is primarily intended to work on the front teeth, so it can bring about successful results much more quickly than traditional braces. Another major advantage is that ClearSmile is far more discreet than older brace systems. The brackets are clear and the wires are coated white, so they blend in with your tooth shade. This makes ClearSmile a good choice for anyone who might feel embarrassed at the thought of wearing obvious braces.

The benefits of Clearsmile Brace system

  • very discreet
  • can be used on both the top and bottom teeth
  • like traditional braces but with clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires
  • treatment time is 6-18 months depending on the treatment

How Clearsmile Braces work

  • The system is constructed using shape-memory material which allows the braces to return to their original shape, no matter how much they may bend in use.
  • Flexible wires exert a gentle force which guides your teeth into the correct alignment comfortably and conveniently.
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