Inman Aligner

Realigning teeth fast with Inman Aligners

In the past few years orthodontic treatment has moved on and it’s now possible to straighten teeth more quickly and more discreetly than ever before.

Larne Dental Centre is pleased to offer Inman Aligners, an increasingly popular brand of removable braces which can improve your smile without lengthy treatment times. They’re an effective solution for protruding, crooked, badly aligned or crowded teeth which can be removed and inserted just as easily as a retainer. They can bring the treatment time down to just a few weeks.

The benefits of Inman Aligners:

  • they’re quick
  • practically invisible
  • completely removable
  • suitable for straightening either the bottom or the top teeth
  • How Inman Aligners work

    • What makes these appliances so effective is the use of uses two aligner bows. Mounted on nickel titanium coil springs, these bows gently guide the teeth into their new position.
    • Inman Aligners usually take just 6 to 18 weeks to do their job – much faster than the traditional ‘train track’ braces.

    This solution could be right for you if just need a quick improvement to the alignment of your teeth, or if you’ve previously had orthodontic treatment and some of your front teeth have started to move again.

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