Teeth whitening

Achieving a whiter, brighter smile without invasive treatment

Many people tell us that one of the first things they’d want to change about their smile is the whiteness of their teeth. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest areas to achieve a big improvement.

How teeth become discoloured

Sadly some people are genetically more prone to teeth discoloration than others. But surface stains can also be caused by foods, drinks and smoking. Over time, these stains creep into the enamel and change the colour of the dentin beneath. The result is that the overall appearance of the tooth becomes yellowish.

Safe, professional teeth whitening

The safest way to whiten your teeth is under the supervision of a dentist. When you come to see us at Larne Dental Centre, we’ll assess your overall oral health and take into account your individual teeth before prescribing a formulation to meet your individual needs. Our recommendation will be tailored to your budget and lifestyle, and we’ll always provide clear instructions for care before and after your treatment.

To help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile, we use Philips Zoom, the most patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand. Whitening products like this bring about a chemical reaction that breaks apart the carbon bonds which create yellow stains. Once the bonds are broken, they no longer reflect a yellow colour.

Normally, the effects of this treatment will be long lasting, but obviously the same things that initially caused the yellowing will continue to do so after treatment. If you have a special event or holiday on the horizon, or if you have overindulged on coffee, tea or red wine, you might want to top up your whitening. We can prescribe an individual gel for this – you won’t normally have to start a new course of treatment.

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