White fillings

Fillings that complement the tone of your teeth for a more natural-looking smile

You may have heard quite a lot about white fillings recently. Understandably, people look for a natural appearance when they need to have a tooth filled, and white fillings can certainly help them to achieve this.

Actually, the phrase ‘white filling’ isn’t quite accurate. The fillings which we fit at Larne Dental Centre would be better described as ‘tooth coloured’ – since the whole idea is that they blend in more easily with the natural tone of your teeth.

Why white fillings are so popular

Quite simply, many people find that they don’t want to show the world their fillings when they laugh or smile widely. Amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings do tend to stand out in situations like these.

If you feel self-conscious about amalgam fillings, we’ll be pleased to provide tooth-coloured, mercury-free restorations. This can be done as a new treatment, or to replace older fillings which you already have in place.

Naturally, it’s important that a filling which looks right also performs properly. At Larne Dental Centre, we use durable modern materials which means that tooth-coloured fillings can now offer endurance and performance to equal the more established ‘silver’ versions.

Of course, if for any reason you would prefer your fillings to be made from the traditional amalgam material, we can offer you this option too. We’ll always talk everything through with you in detail – including the cost – before we decide on a course of treatment appropriate to your needs.

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